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(Kelly) I am absolutely amazed at how great my carpets have turned out. They are like new and the marks have all gone. I thought that Elite was like other carpet cleaning companies but I was completely wrong. Elite are definitely Burnley’s number 1 Carpet Cleaners.  Thanks Paul!

When you provide the best possible Carpet cleaning  Service  and put 100% into the quality of your work you will find that word of mouth becomes your best advertising so we concentrate on making sure we give you the best result ever. People are now using the internet to find us and getting ourselves known as the best carpet cleaners Burnley and carpet cleaners in Blackburn. We are probably the best Carpet Cleaners  in Burnley because we are members of Cleansmart Professional Cleaning academy.

Elite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a family firm with years of experience in Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. We are skilled in stain removal from all manor of fabrics without the use of bleaches and harsh chemicals which would effect your pets or children. We take our business very seriously and have only the very best equipment to do our trade with. The Airflex Storm seen here is the ultimate professional carpet cleaning machine used only by the best carpet and upholstery cleaners in the UK. To date only Elite use this system for carpet cleaning in Burnley and carpet cleaning in Blackburn. Find out more about the Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Call Paul for a Quote 07969 677 326 and find out what we can do for you. Who knows you may get your house Elite Cleaned.


Who Will Clean Your Carpet

558908_4236564394786_1634723887_nSpecialising in carpet cleaning became my priority after seeing how some people ran their businesses. I believe the hard work and effort I put into every job will generate me more customers for my carpet cleaning service .

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Experienced in Airflex Carpet Cleaning equipment and is able to get the best result out of any circumstances.

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